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Video Discussion: Exploring the Shift Towards Centralization in the Multifamily Industry

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

The trend of centralization is significantly influencing various aspects, from staff management to security systems. This impactful trend is not only gaining momentum but also shaping the future of property management. In a comprehensive discussion, Will Coffin, VP of Livly Connect, and Preston Grutzmacher, Residential Business Leader of Salto delve into this pivotal shift, shedding light on crucial aspects and challenges highlighted during this year's NMHC OPTECH event. Here is a brief summary of the discussion with key takeaways:

Watch Our Video: Centralization in Multifamily Industry

  • Centralization Rising: Key focus in managing staff, data, and access control. Spotlighted at OPTECH.

  • Evolution & Adoption: Shift from staff-only to wider applications. High uptake in larger management groups.

  • Streamlining Management: Simplifies operations for managers, staff, and maintenance. Replace old keys with smart access.

  • Smart Access: Essential for secure, efficient credential management. Crucial for diverse portfolios.

  • Security & Retrofitting: Balances operational efficiency with security concerns, especially in older properties.

  • Balancing Efficiency & Experience: Enhances resident experiences while boosting operational efficiency.

  • Future-Proof Tech Investments: Focus on smart systems like Livly for diverse tech needs in properties.

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