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SALTO and Livly Team Up to Demonstrate How One Singular Integration Can Mitigate Your Proptech Chaos

For Property Managers, the struggle is real. If your job isn’t hard enough between chasing after rent payments, working with maintenance, and dealing with resident dissatisfaction, you’re likely also having to manage your property these days with 10 different tech stacks to improve operational efficiency. Preston Grutzmacher, Residential Business Leader with SALTO Space Systems kicked off with this pain point on a SALTO Systems and Livly hosted webinar on August 17, 2022 tilted “SALTO + Livly, Access Ecosystem for Multifamily”.

Co-hosts who led this discussion:

  • Preston Grutzmacher: SALTO Systems Residential Business Leader

  • Will Coffin: Vice President of Livly Connect at Livly

“What about your residents?” questioned Preston. “They want simple systems they can manage easily. Whether it be paying rent, seeing if packages are delivered, or managing their apartment keys”.

Many property managers and operators can surely relate to Preston’s message. The good news? The solution all these Proptech applications present in tandem doesn’t have to be this disjointed. All these platforms can be unified, communicate together, and drive efficiency for the operator, while making the resident experience better than ever.

SALTO and Livly, tailor made to reduce Proptech and apartment access chaos

The SALTO platform essentially allows users to open any door, anywhere, regardless of the style. The access isn’t limited to specific entry points either. Overhead garages, gates, mortise, cylindrical or interconnected unit doors, and common doors, whether indoor or outdoor, can all be managed through their general-purpose smart access platform - SALTO Space.

With Livly, the benefits of SALTO are incorporated to offer a comprehensive property management solution for multifamily communities. Through Livly’s single app, property operators can manage all the chaos of having dozens of point solutions in all these different places and bring order into one platform.

The Problems SALTO and Livly’s Integration Solve

For Property Managers and Operators, SALTO understands that their clients all struggle with several universal problems. Legacy key fobs are time consuming to manage, especially for larger properties with hundreds of residents and limited onsite staffing. They understand that their clients are tired of juggling too many different types of lock systems and applications across their property.

SALTO and Livly, joined together, resolve the multi-access solution into one single application, eliminating physical hardware. Where physical key activation and processing may have originally taken 10-15 minutes, the process is now minimized to a mere10-15 seconds. With a digital key for all residents, you can offer a completely virtual move-in and eliminate the need for onsite staffing to help every step of the way.

Add in the extra component of Butterfly MX Video Intercom System and opening the door, guest passes, and video calls are fully integrated into the Livly app. Livly’s digital software layer brings all the hardware systems into one platform using the tools and integrations that give you the flexibility to define elements you want in your building.

A Comprehensive and Powerful Multifamily Solution for Scalability

So how do these solutions work together to create a better experience than your standard property management software or building and unit access? The panelists identified several major breakthroughs. SALTO’s superior access hardware for every area of the building offers a unified experience on every door, with superior support from both SALTO’s business experts and Livly’s customer support. The easy integration of information from PMS and ERP systems including Yardi, RealPage, and Entrata through Livly and SALTO provide a general use access control system that can fit into any space Property Managers want.

Through the iOS and Android compatible Livly Resident app, residents can manage and activate guests without having to contact property managers for permissions and operators can use every system including SALTO and ButterflyMX without having to download or install multiple apps, managing their building from anywhere anytime.

Perhaps the biggest benefit, stressed Preston and Will, was the potential for multifamily developers, owners and operators to deploy a smart access solution across any diverse portfolio throughout the U.S. and manage it through a single sign-on. This is significant for operators managing a dynamic portfolio of multifamily properties – whether new construction or acquired buildings and assets with a range of different entry and key systems. You can now build your brand around the resident experience you want, regardless of which assets are installed at each location, while bringing a level of standardization across your entire portfolio.

We hope you enjoy this recap! For questions and comments regarding this session, please reach out to: Will Coffin, Vice President, Livly Connect by Livly Chicago, IL T: 847.337.7737 E: Preston Grutzmacher Residential Business Leader, SALTO Systems Minneapolis, MN T: 470.559.8840

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