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Livly+Salto: Where Simplicity Meets Functionality

Updated: Apr 23

Managing multiple points of access across a multifamily property can get complicated. Different systems for elevators, doors, and parking lots don't just confuse residents—they also make property management a juggling act.

What happens when Livly's all-in-one platform links up with Salto's advanced access features? The answer is a smoother, simpler experience for everyone involved. Salto's state-of-the-art access controls now fold neatly into Livly's unified ecosystem.


Your All-in-One Solution: Livly Key in the Livly App

This isn’t about just making things 'work.' It’s about creating an experience that feels as simple as it is smart. With Livly Key, integrated right into the Livly App, you and your residents get to control everything from the front doors to gates, garages, elevators, amenity spaces, unit doors, and more with just a tap of your phone.

Why Livly Key is Your New Best Friend

No need for a bunch of apps or complicated setups. Livly Key within the Livly App makes managing and using access points easy and efficient. This is what residents want, and it’s what property managers need for streamlined operations.

What This Means for You

Residents enjoy a more seamless daily routine, and property managers get a simplified, efficient process that fits right into Livly’s broader suite of services. It’s a win-win that leads to happier residents and potentially higher renewals.

Let’s Make Life Easier Together

So, are you ready to bring unprecedented simplicity to your property? Reach out to find out how Livly and Salto can eliminate the complexities that have long been considered 'just part of the job' in property management.


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