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Customer Story: Livly and SALTO Integration Streamlines Smart Access for CA Ventures

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Mark Zikra, Senior Vice President at CA Ventures, shares his customer story about Livly.

For CA Ventures multifamily properties such as 270 Hennepin, managing keys for over 300 apartment residents - for everything from move-ins, to guest visitors, vendors, packages, and amenity spaces - was daunting. The team needed a solution that was operationally easy for staff to adapt to while providing access control to tenants for a more convenient resident experience.

Mark Zikra, Senior Vice President of Technology and Innovations at CA Ventures, shared with us his review of why Livly was the perfect smart access control solution that their properties needed.

Watch our video interview with Mark here:


Greystar currently manages 270 Hennepin, a 346-unit building located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, with sophisticated, modern architecture and design. This thoughtfully designed urban living space offers upscale amenities, yet was missing a smart access control solution to meet the caliber of the rest of the resident experience.

The Original Need: Smart Access Control

When 270 Hennepin opened for residents, there was not a solution in place to easily manage physical keys, unwanted visitors, guests, and vendors for its hundreds of residents. CA Ventures needed a smart access control solution to streamline the check-in experience for residents and staff conveniently and safely. The solution would also need to be operationally easy for staff to take ownership of and implement rules and permissions.

The Solution: Livly & Salto's Smart Access Integration

CA Ventures turned to Livly & SALTO System's integrated digital key solution to help them tackle their smart access control. The Livly Resident Mobile app offered smart access integration with SALTO's digital smart access for residents, which significantly reduced the time spent for operations to create and manage keys and guest access.

Residents could easily and securely use their phones to access everything from the main entrance, to amenity areas, and the package room, while staff could also easily manage outside services to the building including dog walking, dry cleaning, and delivery services. In addition, the Livly Resident mobile app provided a simple and streamlined, and easily deployable solution for the staff at 270 Hennepin to quickly adapt and in turn, also provide value as an amenity to residents.

Added Benefit of Livly: Easier Access to Outside Services and Vendors

In addition to the smart access solution that the Livly and SALTO integration provides for residents, 270 Hennepin staff can easily manage entry from a variety of outside services and vendors, saving time to them while adding greater value for their residents.

When we look at access control, we think of it as an amenity. The integration with SALTO and Livly has unlocked a ton of new features for us. Residents can now use their phone to get through the building; front door, the gym, their unit. We're also are given the ability to bring in outside services like dog walking, dry cleaning, house cleaning and services that are more available, because access control is less of a pain point.

– Mark Zikra, Senior VP of technology & Innovations - CA Ventures

The Takeaways:

  • Livly & SALTO System's integration offers a streamlined solution for property managers, staff, and residents alike

  • Resident experience is improved with secure and convenient access to every area of the building with their mobile device

  • Property Managers and staff can easily adapt, own, and set up rules and permissions to interact with residents

  • Livly & SALTO's integration unlocks a host of new opportunities for future access control with outside services and vendors

Are you ready to transform your resident experience? Get in touch with our team today to explore our smart access control as well as our full suite of property manager solutions.


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