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Livly + Resman Integration: Streamline Multifamily Operations

Updated: Jan 23


In property management, your primary focus is to provide a seamless living experience for your residents while optimizing your property management processes. The key to achieving this lies in leveraging the power of integrated technologies. We explore the benefits of integrating Livly, a proven mobile resident platform, with Resman, a property management system.

Discover how our Resman integration can enhance resident satisfaction, save valuable time for your teams, and improve asset performance.

Enhance Resident Experience

Livly's mobile resident portal offers a comprehensive set of self-service tools that empower residents to manage their living experience efficiently. From submitting maintenance requests, paying rent, accessing community announcements, and communicating with management, Livly enables residents to handle their needs from the palm of their hands conveniently. This convenience increases resident satisfaction, retention rates, and stronger community engagement.

POLL: When considering integrations for property management, which aspect is most important to you?

  • A smooth integration with existing technology and systems.

  • Improving satisfaction and convenience for residents.

  • Streamlining property management tasks and workflows.

Boost Property Management Efficiency

Integrating Livly with Resman creates a powerful synergy that streamlines your property management operations. The integration allows seamless data synchronization between the two platforms, eliminating manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. Your property management teams can access real-time information, make informed decisions, and respond promptly to resident inquiries, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Drive Automation & Cost Savings

Livly's integration with Resman introduces a range of automation capabilities. Routine tasks, such as resident move-ins, apartment inspections, and renewal reminders, can be automated, saving your property management teams dozens of hours. By reducing manual workload, your staff can focus on delivering more personalized and

attentive service to residents.

Activate Your IoT & Access Control Infrastructure

With Livly, Resman properties get access to a deeply integrated ecosystem of access control, intercom, and IoT partners to streamline key fob and mobile key management, guest access, video intercoms, self-guided tours, and in-unit IoT solutions. These integrations increase operational efficiency, elevate the resident experience, and save property staff hours every week.

Image of Livly Key being used as Smart Access control to lock and unlock doors.

Realize Tangible Results

Livly has a proven track record of driving positive outcomes for multifamily properties. Property management teams that have embraced the Livly and Resman integration have witnessed improvements in resident satisfaction, leading to increased lease renewals and reduced turnover costs. The automation features have also contributed to cost savings and enhanced staff performance.

By integrating Livly's mobile resident platform with your Resman system, your multifamily property can unlock many benefits. From elevating the resident experience with self-service tools to optimizing property management operations with automation, Livly + Resman creates a winning combination.

Let us show you how Livly and Resman can significantly impact your portfolio. Take the first step towards streamlining your operations and improving asset performance by scheduling a call with our team.


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