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Unlock New Revenue Streams with Livly’s Amenity Payment Integration for Multifamily

Are you seeking efficient solutions for amenity booking and payments in your multifamily properties? Discover the seamless experience offered by Livly's Amenity Payment Integration! Our feature streamlines transactions, enhances the resident experience, and unlocks lucrative new revenue streams.

Simplified Setup + Seamless Transactions

Livly's Amenity Payment Integration boasts a hassle-free setup process, guiding you effortlessly through connecting to a Stripe Express account via the Livly Hub. With the backing of industry leader Stripe, rest assured of secure transactions and efficient processing for your multifamily amenities

Tailored Amenity Payment Options

From guest suite bookings to parking reservations and exclusive event payments, Livly's Amenity Payment Integration provides diverse payment options tailored to multifamily communities. Our comprehensive solution maximizes revenue while elevating resident satisfaction.

Effortless Refunds and Deposit Handling 

Say goodbye to complexities in managing refunds and deposits. Livly's intuitive system empowers you to seamlessly process refund requests and handle deposits, ensuring flexibility and convenience for all stakeholders.

Streamlined Resident Experience

Residents appreciate a smooth payment process from booking to confirmation. Livly's user-friendly interface enhances the resident experience, making amenity transactions hassle-free and seamless.

Flexible Fee Management

Take control of transaction fees according to your multifamily property's financial strategy. Whether passing fees to residents or incorporating them into operational costs, Livly's flexible fee management aligns with your revenue goals and resident expectations.

Ready to elevate your multifamily property management game? Schedule a demo with our team today and embark on a journey toward modernization and success with Livly's Amenity Payment Integration!



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