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HappyCo and Livly Deliver Seamless Maintenance Solution

Updated: Apr 29

HappyCo and Livly complement each other perfectly. For current HappyCo users, integrating their platform with Livly provides a comprehensive solution. Together, they streamline maintenance management, empowering property managers to navigate tasks effortlessly.

HappyCo and Livly

HappyCo’s comprehensive maintenance solution seamlessly integrates with Livly's unified platform, offering property managers and maintenance teams a seamless experience. Residents, in turn, benefit from swift communication and rapid response times for their requests. With both combined you get:

  1. Convenience: Residents can easily book maintenance services directly through the Livly app, eliminating the need for multiple platforms and simplifying the assistance request process.

  2. Real-Time Notifications: Enjoy instant notifications when maintenance requests are made, ensuring prompt responses and efficient service delivery.

  3. Enhanced Communication: Streamlined maintenance request processes allow residents to communicate their needs effectively, leading to quicker resolutions and improved satisfaction levels.

  4. Improved Service Quality: With real-time notifications and streamlined processes, residents experience higher service quality and faster response times, ultimately enhancing their overall living experience.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of working with HappyCo and Livly, where maintenance management becomes effortless and resident satisfaction soars.



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