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Transforming Resident Activity into Actionable Insight via NLP

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

As an update to our May 14th blog update entitled, “Livly is the Social Media Platform Your Community Deserves,” our team has been hard at work researching the activity we are seeing on our platform.

The insights are valuable for on-site property managers, portfolio managers, and owners alike. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), we have developed our own data model to understand the activity occurring on our platform. Our data informs us about two categories primarily: resident sentiment & emotion and, more generally, the topics in which residents are most interested in discussing with their community.

Resident Sentiment & Emotion

Our data shows that resident posts represent a broad spectrum of emotion. Positive posts typically include sentiments of gratitude, joy, caring, love, appreciation, respect, and admiration. Negative posts include emotions of sadness, disgust, anger, and fear.

Some examples are listed below:

Most Popular Topics of Discussion

Classifying posts by topic proves just as valuable for our clients as we build features in line with the demand we are observing on the platform.

So what are residents discussing, you ask? See for yourself from the data below:

An overwhelming percentage of resident posts relate to feeling more comfortable where they live – whether that’s asking and answering questions about the property, making sure the community and their home is well maintained, or buying and selling goods to spruce up their living space.

As Rachel Blake, our resident data scientist notes, “surfacing these insights for portfolio managers and property managers provides real value for our clients. The ability to understand the sentiment & activity of both individuals and the communities at large will allow real estate professionals to be more responsive and meaningfully impact resident’s living experiences at scale.”

Head to Livly to learn more about how we are improving property managers’ ability to provide the premier resident experience within their multifamily communities.


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