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Introducing the Livly Amenity Management Tool

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

The new standalone Livly Amenity Management tool empowers apartment communities to digitally manage their amenity spaces smartly and safely during COVID-19.

Our team is excited today to announce the launch of our new Amenity Management tool, the first standalone digital application that can be used by property managers and residents to seamlessly manage and book apartment amenities. This digital product launch empowers apartment communities nationwide to reopen their resident amenities safely during COVID-19, in just a few clicks through Livly’s modern resident experience platform.

“After hearing the needs of our partners for the past several months during COVID-19, it was clear that we needed to innovate a new digital application that would make reopening resident amenities simple and safe,” said Brian Duggan, Co-CEO of Livly. “I’m so proud of the team for continuing to think outside the box with the launch of the new Amenity Management tool and for proving why Livly is the best resident experience platform that can meet the needs of all types of multifamily apartments.”

Customers who have tested the Livly Amenity Management tool reported an average 50% week-over-week increase in amenity utilization and a 20% increase in resident satisfaction. In a time when millions are working from home during COVID-19, the ability to access important resident amenities safely directly increases resident satisfaction and retention. This positive impact is likely to continue after the pandemic, noting a recent study by IBM that reports 81% of respondents wanting to continue working remotely at least some of the time after COVID-19.

Features of the Livly Amenity Management Tool:

  • Simple, Modern Interface – Residents can book and manage amenities in a few clicks through the Livly Mobile App.

  • Easy Amenity Setup - Quickly create amenities, booking times, and rules for every shared space.

  • Booking Passes - Digital credentials for easy check-in & verification.

  • Occupancy Management - Limit the number of bookable passes, keeping residents and staff safe and healthy.

  • Comprehensive Management Calendar & Dashboard - Manage & track community bookings from multiple views on desktop and mobile.

  • Robust Settings & Control - Manage key settings by amenity type like booking duration, number of bookable slots, max bookings, price, and management approval.

  • Real-Time Notifications - Community Managers can post amenity updates to staff and residents in real-time using push and in-app notifications and by email.

The Livly core suite of products includes the customizable Resident Mobile App and Property Manager Hub. The new Livly Amenity Management tool marks its first standalone digital application that can be purchased separately from the Livly core suite of products.

“We are thrilled to offer the first digital solution that dramatically simplifies how residents and property staff manage their amenities,” said Alex Samoylovich, Founder and Co-CEO of Livly.  “With apartment communities working through what the future of multifamily living will look like, it’s critically important that our partners feel that we are setting them up for success. The Livly Amenity Management tool is a powerful way for property managers to make their residents lives easier during a time when we are all needing tools that help with engagement and connection.”


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