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Streamlining Property Management with Livly's Entrata Integration

Updated: 5 days ago

Today’s multifamily market is in dire need of solutions that streamline operations, enhance resident satisfaction, and keep data seamlessly integrated across platforms. Livly's integration with Entrata offers just that—a sophisticated blend of functionality and convenience that transforms everyday property management tasks.

Streamlining Property Management with Livly's Entrata Integration

Key Features and Benefits of Livly’s Entrata Integration

1. Real-Time Service Request Management

Livly’s integration shines with its real-time update feature, where all service requests are managed directly within Livly and reflected in the Property Management System (PMS). This dual-system synchronization ensures that updates happen instantaneously across both platforms, facilitating a smooth operational flow and reducing the risk of miscommunications.

2. Enhanced Package Management

The integration enhances the resident experience through efficient package management. Whenever packages are scanned at facilities equipped with Luxer, Entrata, Parcel Pending, or Package Concierge systems, residents receive instant notifications on the Livly Resident App. This timely communication allows residents to review and check out their packages at their convenience, adding a layer of streamlined efficiency to the day-to-day operations.

3. Seamless Data Integration

At the core of Livly’s functionality is its ability to pull and refresh lease and resident information nightly. This ensures that the resident profiles are always up to date, which is crucial for maintaining service quality and compliance. This data, pivotal for the management’s operations, cannot be edited by residents, thereby maintaining the integrity and reliability of the information.

4. Versatile Operational Modes

Property managers can choose how they want to utilize Livly’s interface in conjunction with Entrata. Option A: allows Livly to act as the resident-facing interface, maintaining Entrata as the operational backbone for onsite staff. Alternatively, Option B enables full management of service requests within Livly, ensuring that all operational data is kept consistent and current in real time.

5. Advanced Mapping Capabilities

The system's advanced mapping capabilities ensure that there is precise synchronization between Livly and Entrata. This feature is crucial for accurately maintaining multi-level work order categories, common areas, unit locations, work order priorities, and statuses. This metadata consistency is key to a harmonious operational ecosystem.

Livly’s integration with Entrata is more than just a technological upgrade—it is a strategic enhancement to the operational dynamics of property management. By automating critical processes and ensuring data coherence across systems, Livly helps property management companies optimize their resources, enhance their operational capabilities, and improve overall resident satisfaction.

For property management professionals looking to elevate their operational efficiency and resident engagement, scheduling a demo with Livly is the first step towards transforming operations.


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