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2022 Predictions: What We Think Will Matter the Most in Multifamily Marketing

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Recently we were asked by Sheri Killingsworth, VP Marketing & Communications over at Lincoln Property Company for our 2022 predictions for multifamily marketers. Check out our response below!

Simplicity is king

Residents are confronting complex generational shifts. Whether you call it “The Great Reshuffle” or “The Great Resignation,” societal shifts are putting increasing pressure on people to keep up with the times. Marketers should consider refocusing the traditional view of "Content is King" to "Simplicity is King" in 2022.

Marketers should embrace the hybrid model of virtual and in-person events

The debate will rage on the future of connectivity and social networking. Are people itching to get back to in-person gatherings or will virtual events take center stage? Data shows that the future is hybrid, so marketers must take a flexible approach.

Marketing campaigns that are sensitive to rising prices will resonate

After the upheaval of 2020 and 2021, residents are looking for stability. Housing inventory is low and home prices are high. There’s an associated rise in the price of apartments. Rising prices will benefit some, while leaving others behind. Marketers must be sensitive to rising prices as the issue persists throughout 2022.

Short-form video is here to stay

The data is in. We’re rapidly losing our attention spans. So leverage what works. Short-form videos are the most engaging form of content at a marketer’s disposal in 2022 and beyond.

Community values will matter more to prospective residents than ever before

2022 will be about building relationships and forming communities. Marketers that focus their campaigns on community building will win the day.


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