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The Power of Community Engagement: Keeping Residents Connected Through the Holidays

Updated: Jan 23

Community feed ideas

The holiday season is a time of warmth, togetherness, and celebration. For property managers, it presents opportunities to maintain a sense of community. That's where Livly's Community Feed proves to be the must-have tool. It fosters engagement and connection for your residents.

Why is keeping your residents engaged with a community feed so important during the holidays?

1. Building Stronger Connections: The community feed is the digital heart of your community. It enables residents to interact, share, and communicate. Even when they can't gather physically, it's the one platform for neighbors to come together, share their holiday plans, and offer seasonal greetings.

2. Keeping Everyone Informed: Ensure information reaches your residents fast. From holiday event announcements to important updates. It's the go-to place to share news, safety reminders, and office hours during the holiday season.

3. Fostering Holiday Spirit: Post fun facts, polls, and intriguing holiday tidbits on the community feed. It infuses a sense of festivity. Spark conversations, encourage residents to share holiday traditions and keep the holiday spirit alive.

If you want to learn more about Livly's Community Feed, contact our team for a quick demo.


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