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Livly's Resident Pulse Feature - Combat High Vacancies

Updated: Jan 23

Property managers face the challenge of not only attracting new residents but also retaining existing ones. The key to success lies in maintaining a stellar online reputation, and that's where Livly's Resident Pulse feature comes into play. Let's delve into how Livly’s Resident Pulse can be your secret weapon to combat high vacancies and boost your property's reputation.

Resident Pulse

The Power of Resident Pulse

Power of Resident Feedback

Livly's Resident Pulse is designed to keep your finger on the pulse of resident satisfaction. It's a multifaceted tool that empowers property managers to actively engage with residents, gather valuable feedback, and elevate the property's online reputation. Here's how it works:

  1. Regular Feedback Prompts: Resident Pulse prompts residents via the app to share their living experience regularly. By maintaining open communication, you can address concerns promptly and ensure resident satisfaction remains high.

  2. Sentiment Polls: With sentiment polls, you can gauge resident satisfaction levels accurately. This data empowers you to take proactive steps to improve resident experiences.

  3. External Review Promotion: When residents provide feedback, Resident Pulse encourages them to share their experiences on external websites like Google and This feature helps generate authentic external reviews, which are vital for attracting new tenants.

The Benefits are Multifold

Benefits of Resident Pulse

Implementing Resident Pulse offers a multitude of benefits for property managers:

  • Increased Positive Reviews: By actively encouraging residents to share their positive experiences, you'll see a surge in positive online reviews. This positive online presence is a magnet for potential residents.

  • Control Over Reviews: Resident Pulse allows you to manage reviews effectively. You can filter and promote positive reviews while addressing negative feedback internally, ensuring that your online image remains pristine.

  • Enhanced Resident Satisfaction: The open communication facilitated by Resident Pulse fosters a sense of belonging among residents. When their concerns are heard and addressed, overall satisfaction increases.

  • Insightful Reporting: The reporting features in Resident Pulse provide valuable insights into resident sentiments. You'll gain a deeper understanding of what residents love about your property and where improvements are needed.

Target Audience: Residents and Potential Residents

Encourage Resident Feedback

Resident Pulse isn't just beneficial for property operators; it's a game-changer for residents, too. For your target audience:

  • Residents: They get an easy, convenient platform to share their positive experiences, reinforcing their satisfaction with your property.

  • Potential Residents: Prospective tenants can read these glowing reviews, making your property a more attractive choice.

In conclusion, Livly's Resident Pulse is the must-have tool for property managers in these times of high vacancies. It empowers you to actively engage with residents, boost positive reviews, and take control of your property's online reputation. Don't wait; elevate your property's reputation with Resident Pulse today!


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