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We've Been Busy! Here's a Recap of Livly's Latest App Features and Updates This Summer

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

In our most recent e-newsletter update, we summed up two of our newer and most helpful features for apartment communities as well as a recap of our top stories and latest integrations.

We're excited to share that you can now use the Livly Resident Mobile App to generate apartment reviews for your community, and your staff can create shift notes to simplify your onsite team's communications. Read on to learn more.

Livly's Newest Features:

1. Generate Reviews for Your Property

With Livly's new Review Builder tool, you can use Livly to prompt your residents to add an apartment review to the platform of your choosing, including Google, Yelp, Facebook and⁠⁠ You have the ability to keep an eye on your reputation⁠, establish a good rapport⁠, attract new business,⁠ and outrank your competitors⁠. Contact us to activate building reviews for your property:

2. Create Shift Notes

Onsite team members can now create shift notes in the Livly Property Hub during their shift and assign a priority level or unit if they wish. Notes can be printed or downloaded to excel for printing, and team members can reference the latest updates at the start of every shift. Staff members can also subscribe to a daily recap email that breaks down all shift notes from the previous day.⁠⁠ Head to your Livly Property Hub dashboard to start using Shift Notes today!⁠ There's no need to contact us to enable this feature - it's live.

New Blog Resources:

Livly's Founder and Co-CEO Alex Samoylovich is now authoring his very own articles on Multifamily Insider. Check out his new releases below and subscribe to his channel to keep up.

3 Proactive Strategies for Improving Resident Retention

Did you know each time a resident moves out, it's estimated to cost rental communities an average of $4,000 from vacancy loss, maintenance and repairs and hourly wages for your team to prepare for a new resident? Check out Alex's top three strategies for reducing resident churn: Read the article on Multifamily Insiders here.

10 Promising Technology Innovations for Multifamily Apartments in 2022 and Beyond

Is your building equipped with the latest smart apartment technology? Look out for these ten emerging trends that are revolutionizing multifamily: Read the article on Multifamily Insiders here.

Livly's Newest Integrations:

1. Are you using ResMan for your property management? Our new integration with ResMan syncs all your properties, units, data, and property tasks into one unified system to streamline your property operations and provide a modern resident experience.

2. Livly has partnered with SALTO Systems and ButterflyMX to make the Livly Resident Mobile App the first ever single-app experience for smart apartment access. For example, if you're using SALTO's smart locks and ButterflyMX's video intercom system, you can now use the Livly Resident Mobile App to control the tech from both - no need for multiple apps.

In Case You Missed It:

Apartment residents nationwide can soon use cryptocurrency including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) to pay their monthly rent using the Livly App.

That's it for this round-up! Have questions, feedback, or new feature requests? Get in touch with the Livly Customer Care Team.

Thanks for reading!


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