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ButterflyMX + Livly Integration - Unlock Convenience

Updated: Jan 23

Livly, your go-to platform for multifamily property management, is now even more powerful with the integration of ButterflyMX. Here's why this combination is a game-changer:

A Unified Living Experience

Livly's mobile app is your central hub for everything related to your residence. Whether it's handling move-ins, tracking packages, or making payments, Livly has you covered. Now, with ButterflyMX seamlessly integrated, you can also manage guest access with ease.

Virtual Keys for Easy Guest Access

Livly allows you to send virtual keys to your trusted guests directly through the app. These virtual keys provide access to your property via the ButterflyMX smart video intercom. It's a revolutionary way to welcome visitors, and you retain full control - issuing, revoking, and managing access has never been simpler.

Simple, Secure, and Smart

Using a virtual key is as straightforward as it gets. Your guests scan it at the ButterflyMX intercom, and they're granted access. Livly enhances the process further with a convenient 'Send Key' button in the app's 'Guest List' section - it's just a tap away.

What's more, ButterflyMX adds an extra layer of security by capturing time- and date-stamped photos each time someone uses a virtual key.

The Winning Combo: ButterflyMX + Livly

The fusion of ButterflyMX and Livly isn't just about convenience; it's a game-changer for both property managers and residents. Simplifying apartment access not only elevates your living experience but also leads to improved resident retention and shorter vacancy periods.

Unlock the future of convenient living with ButterflyMX and Livly.

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