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Too Much Work, Not Enough Time? The Right Property Management Software Can Give You Back Time.

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

The work life of a multifamily property manager gets more hectic by the month. Resident lifestyles have changed significantly in the past few years, creating extra strain on rental housing staff. More residents are working from home and leaving their apartments less frequently. With the increased time spent at home, service requests are on the rise. Residents are conducting more of their everyday shopping online, resulting in increased parcel deliveries.

All of these changes in resident behavior have resulted in more work for apartment community teams. Combine heightened service demands with a record-breaking labor shortage, and it's no wonder property managers and their community team members feel as if they’ll never reach the end of their To-Do lists.

The right property management software can help. Here are just some of the time- and sanity-saving features and functionality that property management professionals appreciate about Livly.

  • Rent Collection The first of the month is traditionally an especially hectic time for property managers as residents visit the office to drop off their rent check (and often submit a service request while they’re there.) In communities where Livly rent payments are enabled, 85% of residents use Livly to process their monthly rental payments. That translates into a significant reduction in the time-consuming tasks of inputting rent checks into your property management software and depositing payments. And fewer frivolous service requests received is a relief for the maintenance team!

  • Service Request Management Speaking of service requests, the Livly property management app not only makes life easier on apartment community teams. Residents love the ease of submitting service requests through the Livly app. On average, submitting a ticket takes a resident less than 1 minute. Residents can chat directly with assigned property staff to enable speedy ticket resolutions and improved resident engagement. Property managers close roughly 50 maintenance tickets per day from Livly’s easy-to-use management dashboard, called “the Hub.” Faster, more efficient service doesn’t just save the staff time – it increases resident satisfaction. That’s a win/win.

  • Package Management Residents receive a lot of packages these days…I mean, a LOT. Communities using Livly’s package management solution for property managers scanned in approximately 30,000 packages per month or almost a half million total packages in 2021. Thankfully, with Livly, it takes less than 5 seconds for a team member to scan and intake a package. Resident notification is automatic and instant, so residents stay informed and property managers can get back to business. With Livly Package Scanning, on-site teams save hundreds of hours per month at each property; that’s time that can be better spent on more impactful work.

  • Amenity Reservations With residents spending more time at home, communities are seeing increased use of their amenities such as fitness centers and sports courts. The Livly property management app lets residents book an amenity reservation in less than 30 seconds. 75% of residents take advantage of this easy-to-use reservation system, boosting resident satisfaction and engagement. Best of all, scheduling and managing amenity reservations requires zero time or effort from the community team thanks to the best property management app for landlords, Livly.

  • Smart Access Livly’s smart access solution eliminates the headaches and frustrations of key management. Residents can unlock their home, amenities, and common areas with a mobile key right from the Livly app. Access is secure and simple. The Livly property management app saves service teams from managing keys and fielding the dreaded after-hours phone calls from locked out residents.

  • Resident Communication Property managers lean on Livly to communicate with their residents quickly and efficiently via scheduled email campaigns, direct chat, and in-app social posts on the Community Feed. 95% of residents either post, comment, or like content on their Livly community feed monthly—it’s like having a private social network just for your property. With Livly, alerting all community residents about an upcoming social event or other breaking news takes merely a moment. And with the high level of resident engagement on the Livly app, you can have confidence that your residents will see and interact with your message.

  • Predicting Lease Renewal One of the biggest benefits to using Livly property management software is the increase in resident retention. The renewal rate for residents that use Livly is 10-20% higher than average. That’s thanks to the Livly Renewal feature, which promotes lease renewals in advance. Using predictive analytics, all residents are given a ‘Renewal Score’ to identify the likelihood of lease renewal. This empowers the property manager to manage both their lease renewals and upcoming rental availabilities in order to minimize resident turnover, vacancy, and lost rent. That’s good for both your team’s time management and your community’s bottom line.

The pace of property management is unlikely to slow down. As hectic as a property manager’s schedule is now, the pressure continues to escalate. Many markets are experiencing skyrocketing demand from prospective renters combined with rapidly escalating rental rates. Customers are more discerning and demanding than ever. To keep up with an ever-lengthening To-Do list and return more time to the rental community team’s over-scheduled day, harness the power of the best property management software: Livly.


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