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These Unique Resident Event Ideas are Taking the Community Experience to New Heights

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

As a Property Manager looking to build resident engagement, you’re likely to already be including several resident events in your community’s upcoming calendar. Social events including barbecues, pool parties and trivia nights are all delightful ways to bring your community together for a night of fun that is inclusive for all ages.

While these are all enjoyable options for your residents, there is something else you could consider that can help set your events apart from what other apartment communities are doing. A unique event hosted by a one-of-a-kind local vendor can be a wonderful opportunity to provide something more interactive that your residents won’t expect, and will be sure to love.

In some of our Miami properties where Livly Events have had a large presence and summer is currently in full swing, residents have been enjoying one-of-a-kind experiences that leave them with lasting memories beyond the level of any ordinary event. With credit to top-tier vendors in locations around South Florida, Livly events powered by Circuit have been able to bring local talent to the doorstep of apartment communities through our Resident Mobile App and our team of dedicated event coordinators.

If you’re looking for some fresh inspiration to level up your resident events, here’s a sample of some of our most unique experiences that have been a delight for some of our apartment communities this summer.

Latin Dance Fiesta and Cuba Libre Social Icon las Olas

The first event in our series is our Latin Dance Class & Mojito Bar. This fun social has been turning up the heat and has been activated at communities including The Icon Las Olas, Wynwood 25, The Six13 and several other properties in the South Florida region. The event has been ideally situated in amenity spaces including lush gardens and upper level cocktail bars. The dance class is hosted by the very talented Jonathan Gutierrez, who has 10+ years' experience as a professional dancer in Miami. Desi Wolff Music, a resident of Wynwood 25, created this thorough video recap of the event.

Check it out here.

Fathers Day BBQ with Local Beer Tasting at Gallery at River Parc

For the boutique-style Gallery at River Parc property, located in Miami’s bustling health district, the property managers wanted to provide an opportunity for community members to integrate a special holiday celebration right to their home. Their Father’s Day Barbecue and Beer tasting event did exactly that. The event was held in the evening by the expansive poolside sun deck and included buffet-style catering from House of Wings and adult beverages from Miami local beer brewery Veza Sur Beer. A Father’s Day lanyard helped to decorate the space and upbeat music from our Event Coordinator’s bluetooth speaker helped to lift the ambiance. This was the first event the property had a chance to book with us and they’ve already decided they can’t wait until their next event.

We love this moment that was captured by attendees:

Beads & Bubbles Wynwood 25

An evening of creative expression and a relaxing glass of bubbles is a hard event to pass up! Events with the iconic and artsy Wynwood 25 of Miami brought exactly that. Hosted by JoRocco Jewelry, residents had an opportunity to release their creativity in an interactive beading workshop paired with a bubbles bar. JoRocco Jewelry’s talented female founder Sammy-Jo-Rocco is a native New-Yorker who creates unconventional handmade designs with a rebellious spirit to help inspire confidence back to women everywhere.

Arabian Nights Belly Dancing at Wynwood 25

Along with the excitement of Beads & Bubbles, residents of the Wynwood 25 in Miami were also able to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience as part of an Arabian Nights Belly Dancing Class. Similarly to the Latin Dance Class, this event is also hosted by Dance Specialist Jonathan Gutierrez. This event was held in the property's Meditation and Sculpted Zen Garden at the heart of the building, and commenced with a giveaway of 3 belly dancing skirts to the best dancers of the evening. The mood was elevated with décor including incense, flameless candles and lantern lights along the tables, and beverages including red wine to help loosen the dancing spirit.

Pet Fashion Show

For our pet-friendly properties, we like to include options outside of the traditional ‘Yappy Hour’ to engage residents with pets on a more interactive level. Our recent Pet Fashion Show at the Edge at Flagler Village was a great opportunity for residents to celebrate their furry friends and meet other dog moms and dads. This event kicked off with a full hour of mingling among the dog parents and their pets, complimented by treats for the pups, alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments, sandwiches ,and a charcuterie board for the humans. Following the ‘yappy hour’ a fashion show kicked off with 10 dogs in total, showcasing their furry fashion and being awarded a participation metal. Another aspect we loved from this event was the chance for residents to help raise donations for their local ASPCA, the Abandoned Pet Rescue of Ft. Lauderdale.

Here’s a moment captured by our Event Host of one of Wynwood 25’s resident dogs seconds before strutting down the runway:

We hoped this recap was able to provide you with some exciting experiences you can emulate across your apartment community. If you aren’t including resident events in your community engagement plan, you’re definitely missing out! Some of the major benefits resident events include:

  • A chance to build community within your apartment building

  • A way to show your residents appreciation

  • The ability to network with local vendors

  • An increase in the likelihood of building referrals from your tenants

  • A greater chance of resident lease renewals

  • A chance to integrate new members of your apartment community

  • An opportunity to help raise funds for local charities

Livly Events are Powered by Circuit Living

In 2022, Livly acquired Circuit Living, the premier tech-enabled amenities company providing fitness, wellness, and lifestyle events to residents nationwide. Livly events powered by Circuit are managed by best-in-class service and integrate top-tier local vendors directly into your apartment community. We ensure high-quality, easy-to-deploy, and memorable experiences to your residents

  • We ensure high-quality, easy-to-deploy and memorable experiences to your residents

  • We provide you with all the marketing you need to make your resident event a success

  • We are your one point of contact and provide you with a single invoice

  • We handle every step for you from start to finish

Contact our team today to explore your first event for your community.


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