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The Power of Livly + Schlage: Streamlined Access Control for Enhanced Convenience to Residents

Enhancing residents' security, convenience, and satisfaction is paramount. Livly has partnered with Allegion's Schlage, a leading provider of access control systems, to deliver a unified and automated experience for staff, residents, and guests. This collaboration combines the strengths of both companies to create a robust and user-friendly platform that enhances security and convenience across your portfolio.

Access Control

Streamlined Access Control for Enhanced Resident Convenience

Integrating Livly's advanced software with Schlage's reliable hardware gives residents convenient access to the community. Here's how:

  • Resident Mobile Credentials: Residents can use their mobile devices to access their units, amenities, and other designated areas, thanks to Schlage's advanced access control technology.

  • Guest Mobile Credentials: Residents can grant temporary access to guests for specific areas, ensuring only authorized individuals can enter.

  • Package Room Access: Residents can conveniently retrieve their packages using the Livly app, leveraging Schlage's secure access points.

  • Amenity Access: From fitness centers to pools and clubhouses, residents can seamlessly access various community amenities through the Livly app, utilizing Schlage's reliable access solutions.

Product Synergy: A Future-Proof Combination

The collaboration between Livly and Schlage represents a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and enduring security:

  • Schlage's Robust Hardware: Known for unmatched durability and reliability, Schlage provides the physical security backbone for your properties.

  • Livly's Advanced Software: Livly offers the software intelligence that powers management efficiency, from resident engagement to operational automation.

A Milestone in Access Control and Community Management

The partnership between Livly and Schlage marks a significant milestone in the evolution of access control and community management. By integrating these two innovative solutions, residents can enjoy a more streamlined, secure, and convenient living experience. This collaboration not only meets the demands of today's multifamily environments but also anticipates the needs of tomorrow, ensuring that your property remains a top choice for residents.

Download our flyer or contact us today to learn how the Livly and Schlage partnership can transform your property management experience.

Link to flyer- Click to Download


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