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The Key to Happy Residents in Multifamily Living

Updated: Jun 10

Making sure residents feel at home in multifamily living isn't just about providing a place to stay—it's about creating a friendly community, attracting new neighbors, and keeping current residents happy. One way to measure and improve this happiness is with the "Resident Impact Score." Let's dive into this concept and how it can benefit your property.

What is a Resident Impact Score?

The Resident Impact Score is like a health check for your apartment community. It shows how well residents get along and how much they enjoy living there by looking at several key factors:

  • Friendly Neighbors: How often do people talk to each other and feel like they belong?

  • Community Activities: Are there fun events and places to hang out?

  • Management Communication: Does the management team listen to residents and fix problems?

  • Maintenance and Cleanliness: Is the property well-kept and clean?

  • Resident Satisfaction: Do residents like living there and want to stay?

  • Events and Fun: Are there regular events that help people feel connected?

How is the Resident Impact Score Calculated?

The Livly data team analyzed 260 communities and found that when residents are happy with the factors mentioned above, the Resident Impact Score improves significantly.

Why the Resident Impact Score Matters

A high Resident Impact Score is important for several reasons:

  • Cost Efficiency: The cost of technology is high, and the Resident Impact Score shows not just the adoption of your tech by your teams but also by residents. This ensures you are not wasting money and that the technology investments are effectively enhancing the community experience.

  • Happy Residents: Residents who feel part of the community are more likely to stay. Research shows that residents with three friends in the community are twice as likely to renew their leases (Bisnow).

  • Attracting New Residents: A high score makes the community more appealing to new residents because it shows a happy and friendly environment.

  • Community Value: A positive community makes residents happy and increases the value of the property.

Measuring the Resident Impact Score is key to creating a happy community in multifamily living. By promoting social interactions, keeping the property well-maintained, and ensuring residents are satisfied, apartment communities can become vibrant neighborhoods where people feel they belong. It's about creating a friendly and enjoyable living environment right at your doorstep.

Do you know if your team is fully utilizing your tech stack to enhance resident satisfaction? Livly is the only company measuring the Resident Impact Score. Contact our team for a demo and see how we can help you transform your property into a thriving community.


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