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Skyrocketing Demand for Amenities in Multifamily – A Sign of What’s to Come?

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Residents are looking to stay active and social (from a distance!) during the summer. And community managers are looking to enable these kinds of activities while maintaining health & safety. At Livly, we’re seeing exponential growth in shared space and amenity usage on the platform.

But is this trend indicative of seasonal changes or larger effects of the work from home movement and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Doreen Jaworski from The Related Group pointed out in a recent Livly webinar that her group surveyed residents to understand what has most impacted them throughout this period. Respondents agreed that the biggest impact to their standard of living is having access to their amenities—especially the pool and the gym.

The data we see on the Livly platform bears out the anecdotal evidence. Over the last month, residents are booking over 240% more than they were at the start of June.

When we look at Amenities by type, residents are overwhelmingly focused on being able to utilize the lounge & club areas, the gym & fitness spaces, and the pool & spa.

Some of this can be attributed to normal trends in seasonality, but the increases this year far outpace what we have observed in the past. Of greater impact, we believe, are the emerging trends in work from home.

As a greater percentage of the population centers more of its life from home, many of the services people once used are becoming obsolete. This goes for everything from meals and cooking to fitness to entertainment to digital communication and beyond. More and more, companies providing solutions to consumers where they live are starting to reap the rewards.

So how will the multi-family industry capitalize on this opportunity?

If one thing is for certain, we strongly believe that these trends are here to stay and will have an immense impact on the way people share spaces in buildings, utilize their amenities, and more broadly, how multi-family operators understand the services they should be providing.


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