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New Livly Product Updates - June 2021

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

This month, the Livly team has three new exciting feature updates for our partners.

Livly Fans, hope you are enjoying a happy and healthy June! This month, our team has three new exciting feature updates for you below.

Important: Two of the new updates do require you to contact us if you'd like them available for your property, including:

  1. Livly Micromart

  2. Livly Key + Schlage Integration


1. Livly Micromart

Thinking about offering your residents a self-service micromart where they can buy items on-the-go? Great news - the new Livly Micromart feature can simplify the shopping experience for both your residents and staff. After Property Managers stock their micromart with food and other items, they can then use the Livly Property Hub to track and process inventory. Residents or guests can use the Livly Kiosk to buy their items using a credit card in seconds. Contact us to get Livly Micromart turned on for your property.

2. Non-Resident App Users

Property Managers can now create users for the Livly Resident App who are not residents (do not have a lease). When creating new app users, you can now grant or restrict access to all resident app features. This new feature can now help you do the following:

  • Offer prospective residents the opportunity to easily browse all of your community's amenities and digital resources, without actually giving them full access to book anything (Read Only access).

  • Grant Livly Key access to different third-party vendors in case certain vendors need to be able to easily access a building or amenity space.

No need to contact us to enable this feature - just visit the "Residents" section of your Property Hub.

3. Schlage Integration with Livly Key

Do your communities use Schlage (Allegion) as their lock provider? Great news - now the virtual Livly Key works with Schlage!

We’re proud to partner with Schlage to deliver the best-in-class access digital key experience for residents. Residents can access their apartments, common areas, and amenities using the virtual Livly Key on their Livly Resident App. Mobile keys can be quickly activated with a single tap and can be instantly granted or revoked. Lockouts due to lost keys are a thing of the past, saving property staff time, money, and effort. Contact us to enable Livly Key + Schlage integration for your property.


Thanks for reading our June product update! Have questions on any of the new features, or would you like a demo?

Get in touch with the Livly Customer Care Team seven days a week. Contact Us.


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