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Livly – The Solution for Streamlined Affordable Housing Management

Updated: Jun 10

At Livly, we know managing affordable housing units can be difficult. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new feature: Super Properties. Let’s see how Livly can help streamline affordable housing management.

Livly’s Super Properties: The Solution

Livly’s Super Properties feature makes managing properties with both affordable and market-rate units easier. Here’s how:

  • Unified Property Management: Super Properties allows you to merge separate PMS properties into one in Livly. This eliminates confusion and inefficiencies.

  • Enhanced Resident Experience: All residents of a community, whether in affordable or regular units, can:

  • Interact within the Same Community Feed: Creating a sense of community.

  • Book the Same Amenities: Ensuring equal access to amenities.

  • Attend the Same Events: Promoting community engagement.

Livly Super Property

Unique Benefits of Livly

Livly offers features that other platforms don’t:

  • Exclusive Integration: Super Properties is unique to Livly. This integration simplifies operations and enhances the resident experience.

  • Efficiency and Convenience: Merging affordable and regular units into one listing reduces complexity, making management easier.

  • Tailored for Large Complexes: Super Properties is great for managing large properties with mixed units, ensuring all residents feel part of one community.

Livly Super Property

A Better Future with Livly

We believe Livly’s Super Properties feature will change how you manage properties, providing a more cohesive community experience. By unifying affordable and regular units, you offer better service to staff and residents.

At Livly, we aim to provide innovative solutions for affordable housing management. Join us in creating better, more inclusive communities with Livly’s Super Properties.

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