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Livly's Year in Review: Celebrating Our 2023 Accomplishments

As 2023 draws to a close, we at Livly are thrilled to reflect upon a year filled with remarkable accomplishments and significant strides. It has been an exciting journey, and we are delighted to share some of our proudest achievements.


A Look Back at a Year of Innovation and Excellence

1. Elevating Communication with Real-Time Updates

One of our primary goals at Livly has always been to enhance communication between property managers and residents. In 2023, we introduced an exciting feature that allowed instant access to vital updates through Livly's community feed. This real-time communication tool has proven invaluable in keeping everyone informed and engaged within our communities.

2. Streamlining Maintenance Management

Efficiency in maintenance management is essential for the seamless operation of multifamily properties. This year, we introduced detailed mobile tickets, desktop insights, and PDF export capabilities to facilitate communication with maintenance teams. Property managers can now efficiently coordinate and track maintenance requests, ensuring that issues are resolved promptly.

3. Simplifying Onboarding for New Residents

A smooth onboarding experience is key to resident satisfaction. In 2023, we focused on simplifying the onboarding process with a custom link for property-specific insurance. This enhancement has made the move-in experience more convenient and hassle-free for new residents.

4. Empowering Property Managers with Flexible Rent Limits

Understanding the diverse needs of property managers, we introduced the ability to set a new rent limit of up to $20,000 per resident per week. This feature provides property managers with greater flexibility and control over their rental policies.

5. Enhancing Package Control

In response to the growing importance of package management, we enhanced our package control system. Property managers can now require signatures and photos for picked-up and delivered packages, ensuring the security of residents' deliveries.

6. Visual Inspection Checklist

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to property inspections. Livly introduced a feature that allows property managers to capture perfection with inspection checklist photos, providing a visual record of property conditions.

7. Accessible Utility Information

To improve the resident experience, we added a feature that allows current residents to access utility information directly through the Livly app. This convenient addition saves residents time and adds value to their living experience.

8. Personalized Welcome Emails

First impressions matter, and our stylish welcome emails now feature space for property advertisements. Property managers can impress new residents with customized welcome messages, setting a positive tone for their stay.

9. Unified Dashboard for Efficient Management

Managing multiple properties can be challenging, which is why we introduced a unified dashboard. Property managers can now streamline property management across all locations, providing real-time insights and maintaining brand consistency effortlessly.

10. AI-Enhanced Content Creation

We harnessed the power of AI to assist property managers in content creation. Posts and emails are now easier to craft with AI-generated content, saving time and enhancing engagement with residents.

11. Streamlined Renewal Management

Renewal management got a significant upgrade in 2023. Our portfolio-level renewal management feature simplifies the process, making it easier for property managers to retain tenants and reduce turnover.

12. Enhanced Security with Livly Locks Access

Security is a top priority, and we introduced "Livly Locks" for Schlage buildings. This feature allows users to view doors, pull audits, and enhance security management, providing peace of mind for property managers and residents alike.

13. Custom Access Control

Customizable access control options, including those for eviction leases, offer greater flexibility in managing property access and ensuring safety.

As we look back on these accomplishments, we are grateful for the trust our clients have placed in Livly as their partner in property management. These milestones would not have been possible without your support and feedback.

As we enter 2024, we are excited to continue our journey of innovation and excellence in property management. We thank our client partners for being a part of the Livly community. Here's to another year of growth and success!

Cheers to a bright future,

The Livly Team


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