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Livly’s New Portfolio Management Solution Has Arrived

Updated: Jan 23

Streamline Your Multifamily Operations

If you're a multifamily operator juggling multiple properties, you know the chaos that can ensue. Scattered dashboards, complicated logins, and fragmented communications can turn everyday management into an operational nightmare. What if you could reclaim control and bring clarity to your operations, all from a single platform? Livly's groundbreaking portfolio management is engineered to do just that.

The Problem

We understand the struggle: operating multiple properties is complex. You need to track numerous KPIs, oversee various resident engagement metrics, and maintain consistent branding, among other tasks. The fragmentation of these processes can lead to a disjointed resident experience and, ultimately, reduced retention rates.

The Solution

Enter Livly's Portfolio Management—a one-stop shop designed to solve these pains.

Single Login, Multiple Properties

Imagine a world where one login grants you access to all your properties—no more sticky notes with a dozen passwords or open tabs driving you to the brink of madness. Livly's centralized hub is your new command center.

Unified Dashboard

What if you could view all crucial data—vacancy rates, maintenance requests, and more—at a glance? With Livly's unified dashboard, comprehensive overviews are not a distant dream but an immediate reality.

Real-Time Activity Monitoring

Information is power. Stay abreast of real-time activities and issues before they escalate, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Guide to Success

As your trusted guide in the multifamily property tech space, we've ensured that this feature doesn't just solve problems but also adds value.

Track App Engagement

Know precisely how engaged your residents are with the Livly app. This helps you tailor your digital services to what your residents truly value, increasing retention rates.

Streamlined Communication

Gone are the days when you have to switch between different accounts to communicate with residents. Our unified feed lets you post messages, review resident posts, and more—from a single hub.

Your Pathway to Victory

This new feature isn't just about solving immediate issues. It's about setting your properties up for long-term success.

Email Simplification

Streamline your email communications with pre-designed templates that ensure consistent, professional messaging across all properties. At the portfolio level, set up standardized emails for various needs, such as out-of-office replies or maintenance notifications. Site-level managers can then quickly send these pre-crafted messages, which will automatically personalize before reaching the resident.

Branding Consistency

Incorporating consistent branding in your communication channels builds trust and authenticity. A unified brand identity, especially in emails, makes it easier for your residents to recognize and engage with your messages. Using email templates is efficient and keeps your brand voice and visuals consistent. These templates also enhance security by limiting unauthorized changes, creating a uniform brand experience. With Livly, you can easily manage logos, color schemes, and other branding elements. This includes not just emails but also app notifications. Every interaction with residents mirrors your brand, making the experience cohesive and trustworthy.

Don't let the complexities of managing multiple properties impede your growth and efficiency. Leverage Livly's Portfolio Management feature and revolutionize how you manage your multifamily properties. Sign up for a demo today and experience firsthand how Livly can transform your operations for the better.


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