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Livly Ranks #12 in Business Insider's 28 Hottest Proptech Startups

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Livly was recently included in a curated list from leading venture capitalists as one of 28 Hottest Proptech Startups, alongside other innovative leaders in the industry. The article highlights Livly's forward-thinking digital footprint to modernize apartment living, noting the potential for underserved marketplaces among communities. In addition to the amenities of dry cleaning, dog walking, food delivery, move-in services and basic utility management, Livly's suite of features and services serves as a benefit to not only streamline operational systems by Property Managers, but to enhance the resident experience.

Livly's Co-CEO Alex Samoylovich was quoted:

"It's like an operating system for buildings," said Samoylovich, who is 41 and is also involved in Cedar St., a company that owns about 5,000 apartments. "Four years ago, tenants needed 10 different apps for 10 different services with 10 different passwords. Today we have created this ecosystem that puts it all together."

Read the full article here.

To learn more how Livly is revolutionizing apartment living for property managers and residents through our AI-driven streamlined technology, visit us at


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