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Livly Partners With HelloTech for Easy Move-In Services

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

As part of our most recent product release, Livly is excited to announce a new partnership with HelloTech! Via the partnership, residents in Livly communities are now able to book handy move-in services in minutes directly from the Livly app.

Options include services like TV mounting, A/V, Wi-Fi setup and more. Residents benefit from receiving preferred partner pricing and booking services directly from the Livly app, while gaining access to Hello Tech’s trusted service provider network.

“This partnership is a great opportunity to bring HelloTech Services and products, as well as our membership programs, to Livly tenants who value smart tech and support in their apartment - all with the convenience of the Livly platform,” said Danny Burke, VP, Head of Partnerships and Business Development.

More on HelloTech

Based in Los Angeles, HelloTech provides professional and affordable on-demand tech support via a network of fully vetted independent technicians throughout the US. HelloTech providers deliver a wide range of services, focusing on computer support and repair, home network configurations, smart home devices and television installation. We are at the intersection of several powerful trends including the “gig” economy, smart homes, and in-home aging.

To access HelloTech's services today, visit the 'Services' section of the Livly app.


Miles Ezekiel
Miles Ezekiel

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