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Livly partners with Go Grocer to Bring Chicago Communities Grocery to Home Delivery Within Minutes

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

As part of our most recent integration, Livly is excited to announce a new partnership with Go Grocer! Residents in our Chicago communities will now be able to access local & fresh grocery delivery to their home in minutes from the dashboard of the Livly app.

Gregory Stellatos, Co-Founder of Go Grocer had this to say about our partnership:

"We are proud to announce the partnership between Go Grocer & Livly - we aim for this partnership to highlight how the worlds of technology, convenience and groceries intersect by offering thousands of grocery options delivered in mins to thousands of Livly App users".

How Go Grocer Works:

Go Grocer offers home delivery of over 4,000 products including everything from liquor, groceries and fresh salads, to sandwiches and prepared meals within minutes to your doorstep. Products include a curated mix of local and fresh ingredients and meals prepared daily across nearly a dozen locations in the Chicago area.

How the Livly Integration Works:

The Go Grocer app is now available directly from the Livly app across our Chicago area communities within the radius of a local Go Grocer. Residents simply access the Go Grocer app from the Livly Dashboard and can begin selecting groceries to be delivered to their doorstep within minutes.

Perks for Residents:

In honor of our partnership with Go Grocer, and as a celebration of their brand new delivery app, we’re offering 5% off all orders as well as free delivery placed by Livly residents! Place your first order today and enjoy free delivery on Go Grocer! Once in the app, use code GOLIVLY to redeem your offer.


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