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Livly is the Social Media Platform Your Community Deserves

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Livly’s Community Feed is a private social media platform for the multi-family industry. Residents receive access to the channel as soon as they are approved and every community has its own private channel in which residents and community managers interact. Discussion on the Community Feed typically falls into the following categories:

  • Community info sharing

  • Introductions and “getting to know you”

  • Maintenance and building info

  • Events and holidays

  • Peer-to-peer commerce

The graphic below shows the distribution of topics typically seen on the platform:

Community info sharing, close to 50% of the discussion on the Community Feed, comprises a wide range of topics–everything from residents asking about facilities to sharing volunteer opportunities to inquiring about a lost package.

Not only do these types of conversations dominate the discussion, more interestingly, they provide an outlet for residents to crowd-source information, minimizing the work of a community manager.

“It’s as if I have 200+ community managers, as residents answer each other’s questions, minimizing inquiry that comes across my desk each day,” says Nick Pinto, Community Manager at The Draper in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood.

Managing a community with an active feed, Nick sees on average 6 posts a day, 50% of which are of the information sharing variety. While Nick loves to get involved in the discussion, he finds that fellow residents enjoy taking the lead, and in some instances, answer each other’s questions better than he can: “Whether someone is new to the neighborhood, sharing a recipe, or seeking a new friend for their dog, the community feed helps flourish new connections. The key ingredient is the common denominator of everyone residing in the same building, helping kick-start lasting relationships.”

Residents get to build a community in their image while Nick benefits from the precious time that is saved–a true win-win for residents and community managers alike!

For those interested in learning more about adding this zero cost feature into their community, please click here.

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