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ButterflyMX Partnership Opens the Door To Smart Multifamily Living

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Livly now supports direct integration with ButterflyMX video intercom systems. This partnership allows residents in Livly supported buildings to grant touchless access to their visitors. Residents can send single use virtual keys through the Livly app. Guests receive the virtual key via email or SMS and use the provided QR code at the ButterflyMX intercom system to gain access to the building.

ButterflyMX’s smart video intercom provides building guests with a simple way to gain authorized access to the building to visit residents or leasing offices. Each building guest is added to the Digital Visitor Log in the Livly Hub which can be reviewed by property staff at any time.

Benefits of the Livly-ButterflyMX integration include increased rent, reduced resident churn, and shorter vacancy time in multifamily properties.

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