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Introducing the new Livly Resident Polling Tool

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Now property staff can digitally poll their apartment residents in seconds.

Wish there was an easy way to ask your residents their thoughts and preferences? Now there is, with the new Livly Resident Polling Tool!

Receive prompt resident feedback to custom questions via Livly's new Resident Polling Tool, which sends poll questions directly to residents' mobile phones. Residents will receive a mobile push notification when a new poll is available to them.

Ask your residents anything you'd like, including useful "Yes or No" or multiple-choice questions tailored to your community like the following:

- How satisfied are you with your living experience in our community?

- What amenity service would you value the most if our community were to offer it?

- What time and day would be best for virtual resident trivia night?

- What is your favorite amenity at our property?

Here is an example of how a poll may appear on a resident's Livly mobile app:

Customize polls from your Livly Property Hub, including poll choice options, optional comments, and end dates. Your property staff can also preview draft polls, review responses, view respondents, analyze comments, and more via the Hub.

Here is an example of how to view setup and review poll responses from the Hub:

For existing Livly clients, there is no need to contact us to start using this tool today - just visit your Livly Property Hub!

Interested in learning more?

If you're new to Livly and would like to see how it works, we'd love to give you a demo!

Enjoy polling your residents!


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