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AIM Recap: Breakfast Roundtable on AI + Automation in Multifamily Housing

Recently, AIM hosted a Breakfast Roundtable that gathered industry leaders to explore how AI and automation are changing multifamily housing. The discussion focused on how these technologies improve operations, save money, and help on-site teams.

AIM: AI Automation

Key Insights from the Discussion:

  • Industry Views on AI: Participants noted that more people in the multifamily sector see AI as essential for efficiency and resident happiness. Although not everyone adopts AI at the same rate, there is a noticeable rise in interest and positive feelings towards its potential.

  • Working with AI and Automation: The roundtable showed that AI has been integrated smoothly into the multifamily industry. Both staff and residents see the benefits, such as quicker and more efficient services. Automating regular tasks lets on-site teams concentrate on more complex and resident-focused work, making their jobs more satisfying and effective.

  • What are AI and Automation? AI as machines designed to think like humans and automation as technology that performs tasks with little to no help from people. Both are vital for improving the management of properties.

  • AI in Action in Multifamily: The conversation covered how AI is used in this sector. This includes smart home tech, systems that predict when maintenance is needed, pricing models that change based on market conditions, and security systems improved by AI. These technologies are making property management smoother and improving how residents experience their homes.

  • Generative AI's Role: A key point was the growing use of generative AI, especially in customer service and marketing. This type of AI can create text and sometimes images that seem very human-like, helping in communication.

Livly's Use of Generative AI :

With Livly's forward-thinking approach, our platform uses generative AI to enhance how we interact with residents and manage the property. Livly's AI features help provide personalized communication and efficient operations, mirroring the main points discussed at the roundtable.

By using similar AI tools, property managers can reduce costs and significantly boost the effectiveness of their teams.

This roundtable confirmed that the multifamily industry is heading towards a future where AI and automation are essential to growth and success.

Are you interested in learning more about how Livly's generative AI ? Schedule a call with us today.


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