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10 Resident Onboarding Tools to Streamline Move-In Day

Moving is hard work. For both apartment residents and their community management teams, move-in day can be labor intensive, stressful, and downright exhausting.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are 10 resident onboarding tools to make the move-in process simple, streamlined, and easy for everyone—whether you’re a new resident settling into your first apartment or a community manager welcoming new faces to the neighborhood.

#1 Livly Mobile App

The best way to organize and automate the resident onboarding process is with a smart and intuitive resident app. The powerful Livly Mobile App features countless resident conveniences to enhance the resident experience, including Livly Resident Onboarder. Your residents will be unexpectedly pleased with an automated, smooth move-in experience to kick off their new beginning in their apartment home, just scratching the surface of dozens of features that will make apartment living a breeze.

#2: Scheduled Move-In Date

Do you wait until your residents move-in day to deliver an optimal onboarding experience? If so, you’re missing out on an opportunity to delight your residents ahead of their new lease in your apartment community. With Livly Resident Onboarder, incoming residents may select the preferred move-in date and time that works best for them. For added convenience, they can even use the app to take steps such as reserving the elevator. Advanced planning makes their move as hassle-free as possible.

#3 Online Rent Payments

Your newest residents don’t have to remember where they packed the checkbook or mess with money orders. Instead, they can use Livly Resident Mobile App to pay their first month’s rent and any deposits or fees in advance. And, with just the click of a button, they can set up automatic payments to ensure their rent is paid on time and never missed every month thereafter. The other benefit? No more chasing missed rent payments as well! What could be easier than that?

#4 Utilities Management

Juggling a myriad of utility providers is yet another headache for both property managers and residents alike. With Livly’s Utilities Management feature of resident onboarding, you can prompt residents to upload account information for verification to various utilities directly from the Livly Mobile App. Managing everything from water to electricity is simple, straightforward, and all in one place.

#5 Renter’s Insurance

Because you never know what life may throw at you (literally and figuratively), renter’s insurance protects residents’ belongs from loss or damage. It’s a cinch for new residents to purchase affordable renter’s insurance directly from Livly or upload documentation of their existing policies in as little as 90 seconds via Livly Resident Mobile App.

#6 Digital Keys

Traditional keys and apartment key fobs are easy to lose. Livly Key gives residents smart access to their apartment building, apartment home, and common areas directly from the Livly Mobile App. Residents may grant their guests access to their building, unit, or other spaces directly from the app. No more lockouts, lost keys, or time spent creating physical keys or fobs saves the community staff time, effort, and frustration, and creates more building security to name a few.

#7 Connect with Neighborhood Businesses

Partner with local businesses and service providers such as pet sitters, cleaners, and meal delivery services to offer move-in specials via the Livly Resident Mobile App. The newest members of the neighborhood are in need of everything from acupuncture to hot yoga; make it easy for them to find their new favorite spots.

#8 Send Personalized Welcome Emails

Extend a warm welcome to your new residents the moment they arrive! Automatically send a customized welcome email (or have our team curate the perfect message on your behalf) from the Livly Property Management Hub to be delivered as they are settling in. Share staff contact information in case they have any questions or service needs that are sure to arise during their first few days of moving in.

#9 Delight New Residents with a Digital Gift Card

Surprise your new residents with a little something extra to make move-in day memorable – a digital gift card from one of countless top retailers, delivered directly to their device via Livly Resident Mobile App.

#10 Track your onboarding progress from one central hub

Minimize the administrative burdens of move-in day for both residents and on-site property staff by centralizing the many tasks all in one place. Livly’s simple and friendly resident mobile app streamlines all apartment tasks, so residents have time to focus on living their lives—and the community staff has time to deliver exceptional service. Make it all possible with one single application: Livly!

To schedule a demo, reach out to our team today!


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